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Looking to hire an ICO marketing agency? Here is a list of the best cryptocurrency PR firms & marketing agencies for you to choose!

ICO/STO Marketing Agency Directory, Updated 2019:

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Service Type: ICO
Short Business Description: Comprehensive marketing solutions for successful crowdsale
Services Offered: Smart Contract Development, ICO Website Creation, Promo Video Creation, White Paper Development, Analytical Review, Opinion Leaders, ICO Listing and Trackers, Youtube Influencers, PPC Ads under Restriction, Telegram Promotion, SERM, Chinese Marketing, Korean Marketing, Russian Marketing, Listing on Exchanges, After ICO Development
Business Website Address: http://www.icoda.io
Country: Belarus
Pricing: $10,000-$50,000
Service Type: ICO, STO
Short Business Description: Full-stack ICO/STO marketing and promotion. 41 759 793 $ raised by our clients. Moonrate Top 2 Agency. Free tests for mosts of the services.
Services Offered: Youtube Review • Influencer Targeting • Community Management • Articles • Email
Business Website Address: https://flexe.io
Country: Russian Federation
Pricing: EUR 1 - 5000
Service Type: ICO, STO, Others
Short Business Description: Employcoder is one of the leading software Development company in India offering Custom Offshore Software development services. Employcoder reduces 50% of your development cost.

Employcoder is the best ICO marketing agency in India trusted by many ICO business owners around the crypto world.

We offer a comprehensive range of IT services that tackle complex business challenges effectively and enable real-time decision-making.
Services Offered: web development,mobile app development, offshore development center, digital marketing, ICO marketing, product development, Ecommerce development,
Business Website Address: https://www.employcoder.com/
Country: India
Pricing: $1000- $50000
Principal Strategic
Service Type: ICO
Short Business Description: Principal Strategic Pte Ltd is your one-stop solution to elite marketing services specially designed to support blockchain and crypto businesses. Our team of 8+ people has years of experience across varied industries and vast knowledge when it comes to blockchain and crypto.
Services Offered: Business strategy planning and consulting, ICO marketing, Website design, Social media content management, Graphic design, Video production, App prototype, Event organizing, Community building
Business Website Address: http://www.pstrategic.com
Country: Singapore
Pricing: $100000
Applicature logo
Service Type: ICO, STO, Others
Short Business Description: ICOs. Smart contracts. Blockchains. We are your token sale and custom blockchain consultants.
Services Offered: Smart Contracts, ICO Cabinet and Widgets, ICO Marketing, Blockchain for Banks, Supply Chain,​ W​eb development, ​Token creation, ​Public relations, Community management, Social media, Content marketing, WEB Design, Whitepaper, Market analysis, Project analysis, Advisory, Marketing
Business Website Address: https://applicature.com
Country: United States
Pricing: $5000-$100000
Service Type: ICO, STO, Others
Short Business Description: We’re Crowdcreate, Forbes calls us the #1 Community Management & Growth Marketing Agency. Our vision is bringing passionate people, ideas and feedback together for revolutionary projects.
Services Offered: Crowdfunding, Community Management, Growth Marketing, Influencer/PR, Website Creation
Business Website Address: https://crowdcreate.us/
Country: United States
Pricing: $1000 - $100000
Bitcoin SEO logo
Service Type: ICO, STO, Others
Short Business Description: The world's first SEO agency specializing in blockchain startups. Our services are only available to crypto businesses, mainly: ICOs, STOs, publications, crypto exchanges and DApps.
Services Offered: SEO, PR, Guest Posting, Content
Business Website Address: https://bitcoinseo.services/
Country: Australia
Pricing: $2500-$50000
Memorandum.Capital Logo
Service Type: STO, Others
Short Business Description: Memorandum.Capital is a global investment advisory company focused on VC and STO fundraising for Tech Startups on Series A/B/C, Middle-sized Enterprises and Development Projects.
Services Offered: From Fundraising and Legal to Marketing (Content Production, Brand Awareness, Marketing To Influencers)
Business Website Address: https://memorandum.capital/
Country: United Kingdom
Pricing: $1000+
Blockchain App Factory
Short Business Description: Enterprise Blockchain Technology Solution & Services Provider.
Business Website Address: https://www.blockchainappfactory.com/
Intrepid Ventures logo
Short Business Description: Building blockchain startups since 2014.
Business Website Address: https://intrepid.ventures/
Guerrilla Buzz
Short Business Description: GuerrillaBuzz is taking ICO/STO marketing to the next level by creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.
Canada Blockchain Group Logo
Short Business Description: We believe there is an opportunity for all great projects. This opportunity relies upon on three factors: resources, knowledge, and access to the right network.
Business Website Address: https://canadablockchaingroup.com/
TSM.Global logo
Short Business Description: We are TSM, the world's top investor relations company.
Business Website Address: https://www.tsm.global/
AmaZix logo
Short Business Description: AmaZix’s community management services will give life to your social channels, establish trust and authority among TGE / STO investors, and solidify your place as a highly sought after project.
MoWorks Logo
Short Business Description: We are a full-stack creative agency delivering business strategy, communication and digital solutions for companies who glimpse possibilities before the rest do.
Business Website Address: https://www.moworks.com.au/
Wachsman logo
Short Business Description: We provide the most innovative blockchain and cryptocurrency organizations with strategies to engage global audiences.
Business Website Address: https://wachsman.com/
Strategic Coin Logo
Short Business Description: We are a premier utility token research and blockchain advisory firm.
Business Website Address: https://strategiccoin.com/
CoinFabric logo
Short Business Description: CoinFabric is a Blockchain Research & Development agency, and ICO/STO kickstarter, offering consulting, advisory & integrated services to empower entrepreneurs, developers, companies, governments and institutions with the tools and education to interpret or harness the innovation of Blockchain and Tokenization.
Element Group logo
Short Business Description: Your global strategic partner in transforming traditional finance with cryptoeconomics, digital assets and proprietary technology solutions.
Searched.io Logo
Short Business Description: We are a digital growth agency constructed by entrepreneurs who love to build and create.
Business Website Address: https://searched.io/
Priority Token logo
Short Business Description: We are an international ICO/STO/IEO consulting, promotion and fundraising agency incorporated in the UK with offices in London, Singapore, Moscow and Seoul.
Business Website Address: http://ptoken.io/
Coinpoint logo
Short Business Description: CoinPoint is a knowledge and services agency focused on catering various Blockchain, fin tech, and cryptocurrency markets around the world.
Business Website Address: https://www.coinpoint.net/
Block Gemini Logo
Short Business Description: The leading blockchain development & consultancy agency in the MENA region. We innovate to raise the standards.
Business Website Address: https://www.blockgemini.com/
Palm Beach Marketing logo
Short Business Description: We employ a vast team of Fintech and cryptocurrency influencers and community on social media networks and forums.
Business Website Address: https://palmbeach.io/
Blockchain PR Buzz
Short Business Description: With the fastest press release and effective data driven marketing, we help you bring out the most promising ICOs.
Business Website Address: https://www.blockchainprbuzz.com/
Forklog Consulting
Short Business Description: We offer comprehensive marketing support to blockchain projects that passed our internal review, whether they are running a business or wish to hold an ICO.
Business Website Address: https://forklog.consulting/
Crypto Gang Logo
Short Business Description: Helping ICOs and blockchain startups with professional branding.
Business Website Address: https://cryptogang.agency/
Belkin Marketing Logo
Short Business Description: For 11 years, Belkin Marketing has brought success to 83+ clients in the blockchain and digital marketing space by creating value, identifying opportunities and providing real and ongoing benefits.
Business Website Address: https://belkinmarketing.com/
X10 Agency Logo
Short Business Description: X10 agency – a smart way to launch Your STO/ICO! Utility and Security Token Sales.
Business Website Address: http://x10.agency/
7Marketz logo
Short Business Description: 7Marketz is a FinTech marketing agency that combines various marketing approaches to deliver business solutions to companies across Europe and North America.
ICOBox logo
Short Business Description: The world's most experienced ICO/STO service provider. ICOBox is the first and the biggest new generation Blockchain Growth Promoter and Business Facilitator for companies seeking to sell their products via ICO/STO crowdsales
Short Business Description: Marketing solutions from crypto pioneers.
Business Website Address: https://incryptico.com/
Key Difference Media Logo
Short Business Description: 360° Approach to ICO Marketing. We work closely with ICOs to help them reach their hard caps. $270 million+ and counting.
Business Website Address: https://keydifferencemedia.com/
Chaineum logo
Short Business Description: STO Boutique & Investment Bank
Business Website Address: https://www.chaineum.com/
Byzantium logo
Short Business Description: Byzantium is a team of blockchain practitioners with immense experience in either business development, investment, consulting, marketing & PR.
Business Website Address: https://bzntm.com/
HowtoToken Logo
Short Business Description: A Full-Service Agency for Launching a Successful ICO — Transparent and Fair Prices.
Business Website Address: http://agency.howtotoken.com/

Even though we do thorough background checks and hand-pick the top-tier marketing agencies, we strongly advise you to do your own research before hiring any of these firms.

Here's how to decide which ICO/STO marketing agency is best for you:

Find out exactly what they provide:

Depending on your campaign goals, the questions to ask are:

  1. Do they provide community building? For what platforms? Telegram? Twitter? Reddit? BitcoinTalk? Ask them for samples. Beware of “fake” community builders – ones that offer bots and fake followers.
  2. Ask for samples of their community management if they offer it.
  3. Do they offer postings to ICO tracking websites? Ask for sample reports.
  4. Ask for samples of their writing. Top marketing agencies should have top-quality writers and this will be a crucial indicator of whether an agency is legit or not. Also ask them what sort of writing do they offer? Press release writing? Media kit? Whitepaper?
  5. Do they offer hard pitching? Guest posting? Sponsored posts? How many pitches will they do? Be sure to differentiate between personalized pitches and blasting a press release to media outlets.
  6. What are their minimum KPIs for media outlet placements? Some agencies will “pitch” for several months to no avail, so we recommend choosing a cryptocurrency PR firm that will offer X amount of guaranteed placements. Again, ask for samples of past media placements they secured for their clients.

If they offer all the above, ask them what their strong points are and where their focus will be. Some are great at securing press, others are better for community building. Find what's right for you.

Can they guarantee success?

Ask them how they define success. What metrics do they use to define success? Their answer should be ROI.

If they provide an answer involving ONLY vanity metrics such as followers, then this should be a red flag.

If they say they can guarantee success then that should also raise a red flag. No legit PR firm or marketing agency will ever make promises on ROI.

Research their past clients:

Who are their past clients? Have they worked with any notable brands?

One thing to consider when hiring a top-tier cryptocurrency PR firm is conflict of interest. One of their clients might be your competitor, so do you research and ask if there's a concern.

Honesty should be one of things you're looking for in a marketing agency.

To test how honest an agency is, ask them about a campaign that didn't go well for them, and what they would do differently. If they say they've never done poorly, they're probably lying.

Even the best agencies have poor results sometimes. It might be the agencies' fault, or it could be the client's, because sometimes you can't succeed without a good product.

Learn About Their Team

Who will you be communicating with? Which team members are going to be working on your project? Vague answers are a sign of dishonesty. You want specific names so you know they aren't assigning a bunch of interns to your project.

Make sure to check the credentials of the names they give. Are they specialists in their fields? How much of the work is being outsourced? Keep in mind it's impossible to do everything in-house and every agency outsources.