We're organizing a conference!

Bločk (pronounced just “block”) is a conference dedicated to practical knowledge about blockchain development, and is the first of its kind in the region.

We're doing a full, productive day of learning and are determined to have you walk away from the event with a vastly wider blockchain-enthusiast network, and with practical knowledge that will let you launch your own cryptocurrency powered by a web-friendly API we'll build on the spot.

It's going to be hectic, dynamic, and a lot of new information in a very short time frame, but we're certain it'll be worth your time.

The event is taking place in the small town of Čakovec [Chaktovetz] (the abbreviation of which is Čk – hence the name of the event). We've partnered with TICM – the center of technological innovation in the region – so we've got a high quality multimedia hall to do the workshop in, and we've already gotten guaranteed support from an excellent brewery for food and craft (and other) beer during and after the event – all included in the price.

Without further ado, here are some of the events' attributes:

  • every attendee gets a swag bag full of awesome goodies – especially at the highest ticket tier which also gets you a beautiful Bitfalls-branded Ledger
  • lots of networking with likeminded individuals
  • you'll hear 4 excellent talks throughout the morning
  • a delicious lunch, free coffee, snacks throughout
  • the workshop tickets give you access to a detailed half-day zero to hero workshop in which we'll go from nothing, to explaining the Solidity language, to a deployed product
  • an after-event hangout with unlimited free food and beer at a great place
  • discounts for local accommodation, for everyone wishing to spend the night – more information on that soon

Note that all talks are in English, and that this is not a spec meetup – we're not gathering to discuss cryptocurrencies or investment. You can do this during networking, but the focus of the talks and the workshop will be entirely on the technical side.

We'll post more information here as the situation develops. For now, feel free to check out the event's home page and remember to buy tickets if you plan to attend – there are only 50 workshop seats!

To be notified when things change in regards to the conference – like more tickets being added, side-workshops being set up, etc. – please sign up to the newsletter. For sponsorship, please get in touch via email.



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