The English version of this article can be found over at CoinJournal. It's been translated and published here with the permission of the author, Diana Ngo.

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{:en}Ante is a die-hard metalhead and a die-hard cryptocurrency enthusiast. He's into vinyl records and festivals. In his free time, he likes to watch his favorite shows and explore the crypto space. He heard about Bitcoin in late 2013 and he was immediately intrigued. As he went deeper into the rabbit hole, he lost his way back. The legend says he's still somewhere in the crypto wonderland.{:}{:hr}Ante je die-hard metalac i die-hard kripto entuzijast. Voli skupljati ploče i pohađati koncerte. U slobodno virijeme gleda svoje omiljene serije i istražuje kritpo prostor. Za Bitcoin je čuo u kasnoj 2013. i to ga je odmah zaintrigiralo, kako je zašao dublje u tu "zečju rupu”, izgubio se. Legenda kaže da je i dalje negdje u kripto zemlji čudesa.{:}


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