The well known game development studio (Pac-man, Pong, Doom, Driver) and hardware manufacturer of the good old days, Atari, is planning to launch its own cryptocurrency.

Atari recently bought a 15% share in Infinity Networks – a platform they're currently collaborating with in regards to developing a blockchain-based entertainment platform powered by “Atari Tokens”.

Atari already had its own Atari Token in the past which gamers could use to make in-game purchases. Whether or not the new token will be used for the same purpose remains to be seen. They say they're planning to expand their collaboration with Pariplay – a company they're working with on online casinos into which they intend to add cryptocurrency payments. Judging by the translation of this announcement, Atari might be planning to launch another token – the Pong Token – which people will use exclusively in the aforementioned online casino.

It looks like Atari is trying to “pull a Kodak”. Kodak partners with companies dealing with blockchain, and lets them use their brand name on products while actually having nothing to do with the technology. Brand name licensing is a big part of Atari's business as well. According to Bloomberg, by announcing their ICO Atari already doubled their stock price.

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