Bitfalls and DigitalCalligraphy joined forces on a new project: Mining4Charity.

The project is envisioned as a means of collecting donations for charities but in a more modern and different way. We'll be collecting cryptocurrency by letting miners redirect their computing power to our donation addresses for a few hours at a time (or more if they want to).

We're currently collecting:


Those who cannot or don't know how to mine can help in other ways:

  • by sharing the website's URL on social media
  • by donating directly to some of the addresses
  • by upgrading our website through Github

Cashing out

Collected amounts will not be donated in the form of cryptocurrency. They will be cashed in for fiat money through, who offer this service to companies and individuals. The process will be fully transparent and published on Mining4Charity after each fundraiser.

Who are we fundraising for?

The first institution we'll be gathering funds for it Children's Home Zagreb – Dječji Dom Zagreb (DDZ). The fundraiser will be open until April 5th.

The Children's Home's purpose is taking care of unwanted and uncared for children by providing them with accommodation, education, support, intervention and help with adoption processes. We believe DDZ is an excellent candidate for our first charity action because it has the biggest potential to help those who haven o means to help themselves – the children.

In the last 15 years, the average yearly adoption rate in that home has been around 30 children, but this number is decreasing dramatically from year to year. We believe the situation won't get better on its own, especially considering the mass emigration of youth from Croatia. Financial aid for DDZ will let them have a bigger information outreach, better education of parents an staff, and better conditions for the children who have no choice but to stay in the Home because of a serious lack of adoptive parents in Croatia.

For future actions we'll publish a poll on Mining4Charity where visitors will be able to pick the charity we'll be focusing. At the moment we're planning to keep a schedule of one charity fundraiser every 2 weeks in the duration of 2 weeks.


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