Having infected Wall Street, the technology behind cryptocurrenciesBlockchain – is now slowly creeping into the movie industry. Hollywood's newest romantic comedy No Postage Necessary will soon be available on Vevue, a peer to peer video application based on Qtum.

The movie will be shown in theaters this June, but will also be purchasable with cryptocurrency. Additionally, if users leave a review of the movie after having seen it, they'll be able to redeem some Vevue tokens.

The producer, writer and director Jeremy Culver said that he's looking forward to providing moviegoers worldwide with a new movie experience, presenting blockchain technology as a new means of distribution. Knowing blockchain technology, we assume the biggest draw is the blockchain's transparency and ability to sign digital data, thereby effectively helping the fight against piracy.

Another movie, New Frontiers, is planned to be released on blockchain technology near the end of the year. The movie is a combination of five short science fiction movies. Additionally, the movie Decentralized on the LiveTree ADEPT platform is also being released this Fall.

Before we can truly rely on blockchain as a medium of distribution, we do still need to solve some important issues – scaling of modern blockchains is a big problem, and the regulators do still see theoretical anonymity and money laundering as an issue. Still, tactical moves like these can only help blockchain's widespread adoption and we fully support them.

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