Various web portals have started reporting that hotels all over Russia will be offering cryptocurrency as a means of payment for lodging during the coming world football championship.

We're sad to report that this is yet another case of irresponsible journalism and attempts at FOMO. According to our own research, only the Malina apartments in Kalingrad will be accepting crypto. The apartments are in fact just an apart-hotel, a tenant building with several smaller apartments for rent.

Malina Apartments on

In negotiations with Free-Kassa, the Russian payment system, Malina Apartments made it possible for their guests to pay in cryptocurrency. The landlady, Anna Subbotina, told the Russian web portal Buying Business Travel that due to the increased popularity of cryptocurrency football fans have been given the option to use this innovative technology for covering their lodging, and that other hotels are likely to follow in their footsteps.

Kalingrad is host to the stadium which will feature matches such as Croatia – Nigeria, Serbia – Switzerland, England – Belgium and Switzerland – Morocco.

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