Earlier this month, CryptoKaiju โ€“ a project merging physical toys and digital collectibles in the form of NFTs, launched a new item: Jaiantokoin.


This is the second in a line of limited edition figurines, hot on the heels of the Genesis figure we've given out at the last Blockconf.io to TokenHunt winners.

Each figurine has an NFC chip in its foot which the owner can use to verify the figure's uniqueness. Stealing a figurine, however, does not transfer ownership to the thief โ€“ the ownership is bound to an Ethereum address provided on purchase, which means you can cryptographically prove ownership at any point in time should a dispute ever arise.

With this approach, you can be 100% certain that each figure is genuine, unique and โ€“ most importantly โ€“ yours!

The figures will have special traits โ€“ much like CryptoKitties โ€“ wherein some will be more or less in demand and thus add to the uniqueness of a character.

If you'd like to start a brand new collection of truly unique and ownership-provable items, this is your chance. Grab a kaiju at CryptoKaiju.io!