Advertising currently gets over 500,000 monthly hits. Around 20,000 are from Croatia, the rest are dispersed around the world. Mainly USA, then Turkey, Canada, and more – this varies from month to month.

We offer several ad spots on our site:

  • Header – 728 x 90 top of the screen, main position (includes mobile devices)
  • Top – 728 x 90 above individual article titles (includes mobile devices)
  • Jump – 728 x 90 immediately after individual article main image (includes mobile devices)
  • Sidebar – 300 x 250 right sidebar (desktop only)
  • Center – 728 x 90 center of content (mobile included)
  • Bottom – 728 x 90 after content (mobile included)

Prices depend on length of ad space rent – longer is more expensive because of expected growth due to trends we've noticed in our traffic growth. For details, please get in touch via

Because we try to heavily promote a positive user experience, we provide discounts and priority processing to advertisers who prefer static banners without animation, video or sound.