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PayPal’s Anti-Cryptocurrency Email Is Actually Fake

User's who received PayPal's anti-cryptocurrency email were actually victims of an email selling ring. The email is fake as confirmed by customer support.

In-person cryptocurrency crime – how big of a problem is it?

Sure, thereโ€™s hacking, phishing, and other digital methods of losing money, but how safe are you from in-person crime? Here are some high profile cases.

Bitcoin White / Bitwhite – a New Crypto Scam on the Horizon

Another Bitcoin incoming? How legit is it? How do you recognize scams from real projects? How to avoid them and what made us call Bitcoin White a scam?

The Anatomy of a Pump & Dump Group

How does a pump & dump group work? What makes them successful and how / where / when do they operate? We explored one and bring you a decription.

Meet Spoofy – Or How a Single Entity Manipulates the Price of Bitcoin

Spoofy is a single entity (trader or group of traders) on Bitfinex single-handedly pumping and dumping the price of Bitcoin. Here's proof.