Think Twice before Giving That ICO Project Your KYC Data

Many people give their IDs to ICOs without thinking, hunting for that next Bitcoin when invensting in tokens. But is that really smart? What are the implications?

PayPal’s Anti-Cryptocurrency Email Is Actually Fake

User's who received PayPal's anti-cryptocurrency email were actually victims of an email selling ring. The email is fake as confirmed by customer support.

We Were Involved with a Scam ICO, Here’s What Happened

CryptoHunt was an interesting ICO and one of the few ones that had half a product before the ICO. Here's what happened and where it all went wrong.

A Creative New Scam – Honeypot with a Private Key

How do you scam people and not feel bad about it? Scam some thieves! This new honeypot trap is something even Robin Hood wouldn't think of!

BitPico’s Attack on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Successful

The Bitcoin Lightning Network was attacked by a group called bitPico. The DoS attack used a vulnerability in the software's design to crash nodes.

Bitcoin White / Bitwhite – a New Crypto Scam on the Horizon

Another Bitcoin incoming? How legit is it? How do you recognize scams from real projects? How to avoid them and what made us call Bitcoin White a scam?

Meet Spoofy – Or How a Single Entity Manipulates the Price of Bitcoin

Spoofy is a single entity (trader or group of traders) on Bitfinex single-handedly pumping and dumping the price of Bitcoin. Here's proof.