LOOM Token: A Lifelong Membership for Loom Dappchains

What is the LOOM token? What is good for? How can you get your hands on it and is it identical to what the Loom company is selling, or something else?

ECB: “Bitcoin can’t provide the answer to a cashless society”

Bitcoin is an inadequate alternative to cash because of its anonymity as well as slow and expensive transactions. What about CBDC?

How Can We Make Cryptocurrency Mining Eco-Friendly?

Cryptocurrency mining has become a big polluter very quickly - the biggest mining facilities still use coal to power their mining rigs. How do we fix this?

Switzerland publishes ICO regulations and crypto-token classifications

The Swiss Minister of Economy, Johann Schneider-Ammann said Switzerland intends to become the "crypto-nation"

15 Alternatives to CryptoKitties You Had No Idea Existed

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Croatia’s announcement on taxing cryptocurrency

Direct and indirect taxation of cryptocurrency transactions in Croatia

The Legality of Bitcoin across the World

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Where and How to Turn Cryptocurrency Into “Real” Money? Cryptocards!

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