Polkadot for Ethereans – Transaction Costs and Economics

Comparing Polkadot and Ethereum 2.0 is no easy task - we continue the deep dive into commonalities and differences with a focus on tokenomics!

Polkadot for Ethereans – On-chain Governance

On-chain governance has long been a topic of controversy in the blockchain space. Here's how the two major forces - Polkadot and Ethereum - each handle it.

Polkadot for Ethereans – Shards and Parachains

Ethereum and Polkadot are often seen as competition - but they have more in common than is immediately obvious. Here's how shards differ from parachains!

Croatia’s UBIK NGO moves governance to the blockchain

UBIK, Croatia's self-regulating blockchain and cryptocurrency NGO, has moved its governance process to the blockchain in the form of a DAO

Cryptotag – a look at the world’s most robust seed phrase backup option

The cryptotag is the most robust seed phrase backup solution on the market - virtually indestructible but easily portable, it's the extreme in HODLing.

An Overview of DeFi

What is DeFi? How can one use it and which protocol to pick, and why? Let's take a look at this DeFi explainer to find out!

Outsourcing Sybil Resistance in your DAO with Modifiers

Sometimes you need to make sure your users are unique and human. How do you accomplish this Sybil resistance? Maybe start with outsourcing to other DAOs!

Don’t Track Web3 – How Private is your Multi-account Mobile Wallet?

Many dapps can effectively track your Ethereum addresses across identities in a given wallet app. How much does your wallet do to help you avoid that?

UBIK Executes First Successful Official Blockchain Vote in Croatia

For the first time ever, the very first blockchain-based vote of an official entity was executed in Croatia, during UBIK's annual assembly.

How do I get started with Ethereum? A newbie-friendly guide to Ethereum

How to get started with Ethereum? What is a wallet and what is a node and which do I need? Come learn how to navigate the complex terminology.