Nimbus for Newbies – Update March 6th, 2019

Nimbus is a new Ethereum 2.0 client from the labs of Read this post to find out exactly what it is and wants to be!

The dKuna Use Case: Is Government Cryptocurrency an Option?

How viable are government-backed cryptocurrencies? What possible use could they have? Which country will implement one first, if ever?

Auctionity – auction your NFTs English-auction style!

Auctionity is the only way to sell your NFT in a fully trustless way on the blockchain, but in an English auction model. Come find out what they're about!

Which cryptocurrencies are dominant on the dark web? Is Bitcoin king there, too?

Due to bitcoin's high transaction fees and slow transactions, dark web users switching to Litecoin and Dash

Ethereum Stablecoin Primer – What’s currently out there?

A stablecoin is a coin that matches the value of another asset in order to keep a stable price. They make e-commerce on blockchain possible. Here's a list.

How to Run Your Own Copy of MyEtherWallet for Maximum Security

MyEtherWallet was recently hacked. Here's how to permanently make yourself immune to attacks on MEW - by running your own copy of it!

New Threat to Bitcoin: Internet Service Providers?

A research paper was published in May of 2017 detailing two dangerous new attacks to the Bitcoin network. In this article, we try to explain this threat.

Hackers are stealing millions in cryptocurrency during ICOs

Ernst & Young researchers say hackers are taking up to $1.5 million per month

Polkadot for Ethereans – Staking

Polkadot for Ethereans continues. Specifically, we look at differences in staking and how each system dishes out rewards and punishments.

Ripple’s XRP in banks? No way!

Banks said there is no chance that they will ever entrust their corporate clients’ payments to a cryptocurrency