The dKuna Use Case: Is Government Cryptocurrency an Option?

How viable are government-backed cryptocurrencies? What possible use could they have? Which country will implement one first, if ever?

Bitcoin Forks – Is Bitcoin Gold a Scam, and How to Stay Safe?

Is Bitcoin Gold a scam? How do I stay safe, what's a fork, and what's SegWit anyway? How do I get my BTG safely and can I sell this free money?

Pundi X Labs Unvelis Retail POS for Cryptocurrencies

Pundi X Labs aims to make the future of mainstream adoption in the cryptocurrency world a little bit brighter by offering retail POS endpoints!

Bločk – The First Regional Blockchain Workshop Conference

Bločk is the first regional blockchain workshop conference with 4 excellent talks followed up by a day-long workshop of practical skill honing.

A Closer Look at the Suspicious Activity Involved With the Bitcoin Gold Fork

Bitcoin Gold is yet another upcoming Bitcoin fork. Is it legit or a scam? Who are the people behind it, and how much of a chance does it stand?

Win a Ledger Nano S – the Safest Way to Store Cryptocurrency

We're celebrating the arrival of the first batch of custom made Bitfalls Ledgers - and you can win one for yourself! See how in this post!

Ethereum Creator Donates OmiseGo and KyberNetwork Earnings

Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, committed today to donate all his advisor proceeds to charity and further development of Ethereum technology

Monero’s Secret Project Fundraiser: Who Are the High Profile Merchants?

Globee, a company powered in large part by Monero (XMR), is holding a fundraiser for integrating with some secret high profile merchants - how will this affect Monero's price?

Australia Removing Tax from Buying Cryptocurrency

After more than a year of planning, Australia is finally ready to pull the trigger: taxes from cryptocurrency purchases are going away.

ThePirateBay Steals Your CPU to Mine Cryptocurrency

It turns out ThePirateBay added yet another dubious practice to keeping their operation well funded: they're stealing your CPU power to mine cryptocurrency!