Blocksplit conference

LOOM Token: A Lifelong Membership for Loom Dappchains

What is the LOOM token? What is good for? How can you get your hands on it and is it identical to what the Loom company is selling, or something else?

ECB: “Bitcoin can’t provide the answer to a cashless society”

Bitcoin is an inadequate alternative to cash because of its anonymity as well as slow and expensive transactions. What about CBDC?

DelegateCall – the First Real Web3.0 Decentralized App Is a Stack Overflow Killer

DelegateCall is the first truly decentralized web3.0 application built on the blockchain, database and all. We describe how Loom did it and why

Slovenia puts Bitcoin monument on a roundabout

The roundabout location was chosen to represent the decentralized connections and Slovenian openness to new technologies

Binance put a bounty on the hackers’ heads

Binance are giving 250.000 dollars worth of BNB to anyone who has any kind of information connected to the recent failed hacker attack on the exchange

In-person cryptocurrency crime – how big of a problem is it?

Sure, there’s hacking, phishing, and other digital methods of losing money, but how safe are you from in-person crime? Here are some high profile cases.

Become a Blockchain Expert at Blocksplit – an International Blockchain Conference

Blocksplit is an international conference held in Split, Croatia. It's focus is development, business, and cryptoeconomics. Come and network with us!

Cryptopanic: A Crypto News Aggregator with a Twist

Cryptopanic is a news aggregator helping you sift through the low quality noise and recognize news headline influences on crypto prices.

Switzerland publishes ICO regulations and crypto-token classifications

The Swiss Minister of Economy, Johann Schneider-Ammann said Switzerland intends to become the "crypto-nation"

CFTC and FCA Join Forces on FinTech Innovation

In a world-economy first, CFTC joins forces with an external agency: the FCA. What does this mean for the cryptocurrency ecosystem?