Fintech Friday #7 – Coinbase Commerce Added!

The new edition of Fintech Friday is out! You can now support us via Coinbase Commerce!

Bitfalls + Altcoin Fantasy Bring You a Private Crypto Trading Contest – Win up...

Altcoin Fantasy is a cryptocurrency trading simulator. We teamed up and are offering a private trading contest where you can win real ether for being the best sim-trader!

Fintech Friday #6

Fintech Friday 6 is here - the best blockchain newsletter in the world.

Cryptocurrency Regulation across the World: September 2018

This post is a brief list of cryptocurrency regulation status in various countries around the world - who likes them, who wants the criminalize them, etc.

Plasma Update: Loom now has 3 sidechains in production

Loom now has 3 sidechains running in production: PlasmaChain, GameChain and SocialChain. Other than running apps on them, it also lets you run your own sidechains!

ConsenSys’ Panvala – Altruism as a Service?

Panvala is a new ConsenSys project which focuses on making projects help each other verify smart contracts through community-wisdom, social prestige and altruism. Does it stand a chance?

CookUp – the AirBnB of Home Cooking Is Here

Cookup, a new Croatian ICO is planning to become the AirBnB of home cooking. Let's take a look at their ICO and see how viable the idea is!

Cryptocurrency Walk-in Point of Sale Opened in Croatia

Obtaining cryptocurrency for cash just became easier in Croatia. On vacation? Load up on crypto in Split and come home with more money than when you left!

How to Run Your Own Copy of MyEtherWallet for Maximum Security

MyEtherWallet was recently hacked. Here's how to permanently make yourself immune to attacks on MEW - by running your own copy of it!

BitPico’s Attack on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Successful

The Bitcoin Lightning Network was attacked by a group called bitPico. The DoS attack used a vulnerability in the software's design to crash nodes.