Binance’s Fiat-To-Crypto Exchange Soon on Malta

After restrictions in China, warnings in Japan, Binance intends to lunch a fiat-to-crypto exchange in crypto-friendly Malta

Pundi X Labs Unvelis Retail POS for Cryptocurrencies

Pundi X Labs aims to make the future of mainstream adoption in the cryptocurrency world a little bit brighter by offering retail POS endpoints!

Which cryptocurrencies are dominant on the dark web? Is Bitcoin king there, too?

Due to bitcoin's high transaction fees and slow transactions, dark web users switching to Litecoin and Dash

A Creative New Scam – Honeypot with a Private Key

How do you scam people and not feel bad about it? Scam some thieves! This new honeypot trap is something even Robin Hood wouldn't think of!

The Legality of Bitcoin across the World

How legal is Bitcoin around the globe? Which countries accept it, which don't even care, and which criminalize it? Check it out in this interesting graph!

In-person cryptocurrency crime – how big of a problem is it?

Sure, there’s hacking, phishing, and other digital methods of losing money, but how safe are you from in-person crime? Here are some high profile cases.

Fintech Friday #7 – Coinbase Commerce Added!

The new edition of Fintech Friday is out! You can now support us via Coinbase Commerce!

Switzerland’s Chiasso to Accept Bitcoin Tax Payments

In an attempt to take the "cryptopolis" mantle from Zug, Chiasso ups its crypto game - starting in January 2018, citizens to be able to pay tax in bitcoin

Ripple’s XRP in banks? No way!

Banks said there is no chance that they will ever entrust their corporate clients’ payments to a cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies Attracting More and More Attention – International Collaborations, Crypto Smartphones, and Task Forces

Cryptocurrencies attracting more and more attention - international collaborations, crypto smartphones, and task forces