Win a Ledger Nano S – the Safest Way to Store Cryptocurrency

We're celebrating the arrival of the first batch of custom made Bitfalls Ledgers - and you can win one for yourself! See how in this post!

Tweets That Destroy Markets – FUD and Chinese Bitcoin Bans

A single tweet by an influencer in the crypto space can cripple the whole market and make billion+ strong losses. Here's what happened on September 12th.

Bermuda could transfer its property deeds system to the blockchain

Premier David Burt has spoken about the intention to make the Bermuda Government more efficient through the use of the distributed ledger technology

If Facebook don’t, there are those who want

Facebook banned crypto ads, but they have Square's support

Bitfalls + Altcoin Fantasy Bring You a Private Crypto Trading Contest – Win up...

Altcoin Fantasy is a cryptocurrency trading simulator. We teamed up and are offering a private trading contest where you can win real ether for being the best sim-trader!

Binance put a bounty on the hackers’ heads

Binance are giving 250.000 dollars worth of BNB to anyone who has any kind of information connected to the recent failed hacker attack on the exchange

Become a Blockchain Expert at Blocksplit – an International Blockchain Conference

Blocksplit is an international conference held in Split, Croatia. It's focus is development, business, and cryptoeconomics. Come and network with us!

Cryptocurrencies Attracting More and More Attention – International Collaborations, Crypto Smartphones, and Task Forces

Cryptocurrencies attracting more and more attention - international collaborations, crypto smartphones, and task forces

Self-regulatory cryptocurrency body launched by Coinbase, eToro, et. al

CryptoUK is a non-government self-regulatory body established to create a framework for the future regulation

India wants to collect taxes from its cryptocurrency investors

India sends tax notices to cryptocurrency investors as trading hits $3.5 billion