Reddit exposed fake charity that was collecting Bitcoin donations

Collected founds were used for paying debt on the gambling website

Blockstack – The new generation of decentralized web

A decentralized web on the blockchain to solve problems that were created by the big centralized institutions

Bitfalls + Altcoin Fantasy Bring You a Private Crypto Trading Contest – Win up...

Altcoin Fantasy is a cryptocurrency trading simulator. We teamed up and are offering a private trading contest where you can win real ether for being the best sim-trader!

CookUp – the AirBnB of Home Cooking Is Here

Cookup, a new Croatian ICO is planning to become the AirBnB of home cooking. Let's take a look at their ICO and see how viable the idea is!

Australia Removing Tax from Buying Cryptocurrency

After more than a year of planning, Australia is finally ready to pull the trigger: taxes from cryptocurrency purchases are going away.

The Collapse of Bitconnect

The Ponzi Scheme BitConnect is shutting down its lending and exchange platform

Bitpanda, One of the Leading Bitcoin Marketplaces, Is Opening a London Office

Bitpanda, one of the leading bitcoin marketplaces, is opening a new London office. How will they avoid the new credit card purchase bans?

Cryptocurrency Regulation across the World: September 2018

This post is a brief list of cryptocurrency regulation status in various countries around the world - who likes them, who wants the criminalize them, etc.

North Korea Reportedly Hacking Exchanges and Hoarding Cryptocurrency

North Korea seems to have been hacking cryptocurrency exchanges in an effort to get cryptocurrency as it starts to run low on cash due to UN sanctions.

Bitcoin causing problems for payment processors

Because of Bitcoin increasingly slow and expensive transactions, payment processors are losing clients around the world