Tracking Your Crypto Portfolio with Coink

Coink is an exceptionally responsive and stable app for tracking your crypto portfolio. Track it all on multiple devices!

EthQL: Exploring the Ethereum Blockchain through GraphQL

GraphQL is a powerful relationship-focused database often used by social networks like Facebook. What if we could search Ethereum like that, too? We can!

Blockchain Based Renting of Your Idle Computer – Profitable?

Leaving your computer idle just wastes electricity, and idle components deteriorate too. Why not rent them out via the blockchain?

Bitfalls + Altcoin Fantasy Bring You a Private Crypto Trading Contest – Win up...

Altcoin Fantasy is a cryptocurrency trading simulator. We teamed up and are offering a private trading contest where you can win real ether for being the best sim-trader!

Getting Started with Embark 3.2: How to Build Your Own Token

Embark is a powerful framework for developing smart contracts and dapps on Ethereum. Let's see how it's used.

Nimbus for Newbies – Update March 6th, 2019

Nimbus is a new Ethereum 2.0 client from the labs of Read this post to find out exactly what it is and wants to be!

Don’t Track Web3 – How Private is your Multi-account Mobile Wallet?

Many dapps can effectively track your Ethereum addresses across identities in a given wallet app. How much does your wallet do to help you avoid that?