Could Donald Trump Secretly be a Genius?

January 26, 2017 :: Reading time: 2 minutes, 50 seconds

I know, I know, crazy, right? But hear me out.

Trump looking weird

What if his entire existence, including but not limited to:

... is actually a clever ploy? And he hasn't even been president for a week!

Think about it - during Obama's "change", nothing really changed. In fact, more bombs were dropped on civilians during his rule than ever before. The USA has meddled more in other countries' affairs more than ever before during that period. Local reforms were sparse, flimsy, and generally uninteresting during Obama, and he wrapped up his term with some genuinely worrying things. All in all, he was a lukewarm president, nothing special, but people see him as special because Bush before him was dead awful, and Trump is what he is.

But what if Trump saw long ago that under Hillary (or any other modern politician), things would stay the same? What if he realized decades ago, even before all the wars began and all the crises started, that nothing would change for as long as there is division and this presidential mediocrity and walking on eggshells? What if, from that moment on, he decided that in order to push America forward and "make it great again", they didn't need a good president, but unity? What if he decided to be so universally horrible at absolutely everything that people simply couldn't resist joining up against him?

I say Trump is a sheep in wolf's clothing. He's throwing himself under the bus for the greater good by being the absolute worst president you could ever wish for, and by making enemies of absolutely every single voter group, at the same time exposing the idiocy of people in other nations. For example, here in Zagreb we also had a "Women's march". Funny how these people decided to band up against the president of a country an ocean away, but can't get organized to complain about the horrible situation in their own country.

Trump is following a brilliant plan.

Alienating women with a "leaked" tape full of raunchy comments? Check!

Alienating millenials, educated people, and the scientific community by censoring science? Check!

Alienating regular citizens by forcing oil pipelines and silently closing down water pollution investigations in big cities? Check!

Alienating legal immigrants by declaring war on illegal ones? Check!

Alienating everyone else who might be immune to the above by being an all around asshole on Twitter and elsewhere? Check!

Trump is actually a genius. By giving everyone a reason to hate him (even if it is a different reason), he's creating a temporary bridge between different groups which would otherwise never get together - he's creating unity on an unprecedented, global scale.

You think Elon freaking Musk, the most ambitious and brilliant human to ever walk the earth would meet with someone like Trump if he didn't see something else there? Elon is running not one but THREE world-changing companies, and he still found time to talk to an alleged misogynistic egomaniac racist.

Elon is in on this, and Trump is his fourth world-changing company. Just you wait.

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