Free Chapter of Jump Start PHP Environment

February 02, 2017 :: Reading time: 0 minutes, 57 seconds

Jump Start PHP Environment Book Cover

A while back I wrote a book about getting started with PHP: Jump Start PHP Environment, and a free chapter of it is now available online at HostAdvice.

The book doesn't talk too much about programming. It focuses more on what comes before it - setting up the development environment, getting your tools ready, making sure you're developing on a system which is highly shareable and reproducible, and maintaining high similarity between the computer you're developing on and the one your app will one day be running on.

The book won't teach you how to code (just a few examples and basics), but it'll teach you what you need to know to move off of dangerous and outdated shared hosting providers, and start using the power of private servers for truly full control of your application at half the price.

If that sounds interesting and/or you want to get started with web development, go check that chapter out to get a taste of the book and see if you might like it.

If you've already read it, I'd love some feedback - either here, or on the book's page at SitePoint Premium.

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