How to Buy Cryptocurrency

This page will describe how buying from us works.

Note that you can buy cryptocurrency on any of the platforms we already mentioned here, but in almost all of those cases, if you want to buy anything other than Bitcoin or maybe Ether, you’ll have to:

  • buy Bitcoin / Ether
  • if the service you bought from does not have an exchange or does not support your desired currency, send to an exchange which already has your identity verified so you avoid big delays
  • exchange to your desired cryptocurrency, hoping to catch a good rate (because you always buy/sell from other people, and the market is volatile)
  • send from that exchange to your own wallet

The more “non-mainstream” the token/currency you want is, the harder it is to get your hands on it, and the more steps you need to jump through. Every step not only costs money in transaction fees and exchange fees, but also carries with it a certain risk – all you need to do is mistype a single one of the addresses in all the above steps, and you lose your money forever. That’s not even accounting for the phishing sites that are out there, masquerading as the real thing, looking to steal your money.

This is where we come in.


By purchasing a cryptocurrency directly from us, you benefit from the following:

  • we are legally allowed to sell you cryptocurrency without going through rigorous identity verification. This means you can invest your savings without fear of “the tax man” coming down on your money once it gains astronomical value 10 years from now.
  • when we offer a price for a token, we’ll honor that price for 30 minutes, regardless of market changes. If the price of the token doubles on the market in the 30 minutes, you still get the currency at the original price – regardless of how long it takes us to obtain it. The risk of loss due to market instability is 100% on us. Note that we expect the same from you. If the price doubles and you’re selling to us, or the price drops and you’re buying from us, you’re also required to honor the original deal.
  • we will assume ALL responsibility for mistakes. If we mistype an address while sending the funds, we’ll pay for that mistake. You always get your money or your tokens, completely risk free. You will never lose your money with us – only we can lose our money, but customers come first.

How do I buy?

Glad you asked!

Simply get in touch with a rough estimate of how much of which cryptocurrency you’d like and we’ll come back with an offer. You can use this tool to get a very rough estimate.

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a real price in advance just yet due to the market’s volatility, the different ways in which we obtain tokens from offer to offer, and your type of payment, so the price will vary.

Supported payment methods are: credit cards via Paypal Express, Paypal, direct SWIFT transfer to bank. We also accept other cryptocurrencies in exchange for the ones you’re interested in. We’ll also accept cash.

How much can I buy?

New customers can buy up to $100 in fiat value per day. Every 5 trades, this amount doubles, and every 30 inactive days it halves.

So trade with us 10 times in a row, and you’ll be able to buy $400 per day. Buy for the 11th time after 31 days, and you can only buy $200 again, until you do another 5 trades.

It’s a simple “loyalty” program that also prevents abuse.

Which currencies can I buy from you?

Any currency that’s not a scam. As such, things like OneCoin, Electroneum, Bitcoin Gold, etc. have no room in our portfolio. But everything else is perfectly fine and includes (but is not limited to):

  • Litecoin LTC
  • Bitcoin BTC
  • Bitcoin Cash BCH
  • Ether ETH
  • Ether Classic ETC
  • Dash DASH
  • ZCash ZEC
  • Monero XMR
  • OmiseGo OMG
  • AirSwap AST
  • Substratum SUB
  • iExec RLC
  • ChainLink LINK
  • NEO
  • GAS
  • Ripple XRP
  • IOTA
  • Lisk LSK
  • Stellar Lumens XLM
  • Waves
  • Stratis STRAT
  • ARK
  • Tenx PAY
  • Augur REP
  • WaltonCoin WTC
  • VergeCoin XVG
  • Kyber Network KNC
  • Iconomi ICN
  • SiaCoin SC
  • Status SNT
  • Vertcoin VTC
  • and many, many more (see the full list on sites like Coincap)

Besides selling and buying cryptocurrency, we can also manage your portfolio for you.