How to Buy Cryptocurrency

We sell cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens via our new platform Coinvendor. The advantages of buying via Coinvendor are:

  • price guarantee. Once an offer we generate is accepted, the price is considered final regardless of market movement until the payment arrives, and you don't have to pay at once. For example, if you notice a great opportunity today, order immediately and pay whenever it's practical for you, if you're waiting for a salary or need to go to a bank. Your crypto will be sent at the agreed upon price once the payment arrives.
  • we take full responsibility for all slip-ups and risks (except your input of the address we're supposed to send the cryptocurrency to). This means no natural or financial disaster on our end or the end of the exchange we're using can jeopardize your money. You'll either get your cryptocurrency or be refunded, guaranteed.
  • you get a receipt for every purchase. This will come in handy when it's time to pay that capital gains tax upon cashing out.

Alternatively, if you'd rather buy via a platform on which you can also keep the cryptocurrency (not recommended!), you can use Coinbase.

Along with buying and selling cryptocurrency, we also offer portfolio management services.