Portfolio Management

Along with buying and selling cryptocurrency, we also offer a HODL service.


In case you're not feeling confident enough in your own safekeeping skills, feel free to send your crypto over to us for HODLing. The minimum amount is $2000 in fiat value.

All amounts are stored on a dedicated Ledger Nano S device (one per customer) which is the absolute pinnacle of cryptocurrency storage security. The word combination for restoring Ledger data is split into two (12 words on each paper), each piece stored in a different location. After your currency has been secured, we'll give you the public address of the account so you can always check that the money is still there, set up alerts, and do whatever else you want with it – even top it up with more cryptocurrency. We'll also destroy the Ledger device's data by resetting it.

All details are thoroughly documented in a contract we'll prepare for you. Once it's been signed by both parties, it goes into effect.

Once you've had enough HODLing, you can send us a request along with a public address to which you'd like the funds withdrawn, and we'll process it.


Storing the currency will cost you a one-time fee of 2% of the value being stored (applies to top-ups as well – each top up will cost 2% of the top-up). Any sending from the address to another one is charged 1% + transaction fees (this includes the final withdrawal) and can take up to 2 days. This model is designed for long term HODLers and is supposed to simulate a savings account. It's recommended for people who want their cryptocurrency to appreciate over a longer period of time, like 5 or 10 years.


Your amount is fully insured with a counter-amount in our own wallets. If anything should happen to your cryptocurrency (highly improbable), your losses will be covered 100%. This does not include price drops, only theft, hacking, and other similar incidents.

Note that because of the paranoid level of security involved with storing the currency on our end, withdrawal might take up to two days. It is analogous to keeping gold in a bank's underground vault. Also note that this service does NOT include investment advice.