Write For Us

If you’re a crypto-enthusiast and/or interested in writing news, guides, and explainers in English and/or Croatian, keep reading.


  • clear, concise, and newbie-friendly explanations. The goal of all of our content is to introduce blockchain technology to the mainstream.
  • basics of Git (to be learned here)
  • writing drafts in Markdown format
  • participating in peer review (details below)
  • at least some experience in writing
  • any article we publish and pay for becomes the exclusive property of Bitfalls d.o.o. Republishing elsewhere is not allowed unless it’s a part of a paragraph and a full link to the source. In the full publication, the author will be signed as the exclusive author and will have their own profile at Bitfalls.com, but the content remains the exclusive intellectual property of the portal.
  • in some cases, we might want to republish a post that’s been published elsewhere. This is done with the intent of merging audiences or spreading knowledge worth spreading. These agreements will be reached in full written form between the original author and the two platforms on which the articles are to be published. Such a post will not be paid, but will not be exclusive either.
  • if we’re publishing only the translation of an article that’s been published elsewhere (only with the written permission from the original author and the platform the original is published on), we’ll pay for the translation (details below).


All payment is done in Ether.

If you’d like to be paid in another cryptocurrency, (BTC, DICE, OMG, NEO, Gas, XTZ…), we can work something out but keep in mind that the conversion fees might eat into the amount.

We’ll pay $20 to $150 value in Eth per original language and up to $100 per translation, depending on type, quality, and length of post, plus other factors (see Bonuses below). For example, a good bi-lingual Solidity programming guide will be worth 250 USD in Ether, while a smaller bit of news like this sent only in a single language will be worth $20.

The exact price of an article-to-be will be arranged as we discuss the topic and iron out the outline, but any price arranged at that time is honored until it is paid, which happens only once the post is published, not written.

Example: January 1st 2018, 1 ETH = $300. We agreed on $150 for a topic. The author delivers on January 7th, in one language. The post isn’t published immediately – there are scheduling conflicts. It’s published on the 12th, when 1 ETH fell to 235 USD. The original arrangement still applies – the author will now get ~0.64 ETH instead of 0.5. Same goes for movement in the other directon – if ETHUSD moves so that 1 ETH = $500 USD, then the author gets 0.3 ETH on publication of the post. In any case, the author gets the current value of 150 USD in Eth. If Eth rises in value to $5000 in the next month, the author has profited even more.

Note that you don’t have to be the author of a post you’d like to translate. If a translation is missing, we’ll pay a fixed $20 to $100 fee for translating it.

There is no limit to how much content per month you can produce. If you can write well, and often enough, you can turn this into a regular job.

Process and Peer Review

After being accepted into the authors team, you should suggest a topic you’d like to write about via email. We can discuss it, maybe iron out the outline a bit, arrange a price and an ETA.

You send the draft into the system as per instructions in the Github repo.

Under Pull Requests, you’ll find other people’s drafts. It’s recommended you drop some feedback on other people’s work while waiting for your own work to be reviewed – it helps authors improve, and qualifies you for some bonuses (see below). Tell people if something is missing, if the post isn’t objective enough, if there’s any wrong information, etc.

Rewards and Bonuses

For posts that draw in a larger crowd, we’ll pay out bonuses. The size of the bonus depends on how much past the benchmark we’ve shot with the visits, and whether or not the traffic is paid as opposed to organic (paid traffic can easily be detected and isolated after we look at analytics). The best way to increase the exposure of a post is sharing it on social media, Reddit, Steem.it, presenting its content at a meetup or conference, etc.

Those authors that show the most activity in the peer review process will also qualify for price increase on their submissions. This means that the more you comment on other people’s work and help them improve, the more you’ll get paid for your contributions. For instructions on how to peer review, please see the instructions in the repo.

All bonuses will be decided on a case by case basis, based on the performance of the author in question. All bonuses are subjective in nature, and not guaranteed in any way.

Interested? Bursting with knowledge you’d like to sell? Let us know via email – submit a topic or two you’d like to write about, along with some previous written content examples. It’s not absolutely required, but it’ll help you during the application process. A personal blog is perfectly fine.