Bitfalls, the most popular blockchain web magazine in the region, is looking for new employees due to rapid expansion.

If you're interested in the world of cryptocurrency and would like a steady profit from learning about them all day every day, contact us at

All positions are remote-friendly. All positions offer bonuses based on performance, to be paid out in ether.

Correspondents / Authors


Authors are in charge of content production on's news/article portion. They can be technical, reportages, or interviews.


Every author must follow the peer review procedure as described in the site's repository. Except when the news is urgent, an article isn't published before it's either been reviewed and approved by several other authors or an editor.

Every author must be absolutely fluent in the language they primarily write in.


Topics we want to cover include but are not limited to:

  • crime
  • technical topics such as blockchain development (courses, examples, concept explanations)
  • guides
  • project analyses
  • important news about the economy and in general (regulation, bans, new rules, information that might have a long lasting effect on the market)
  • other topics โ€“ feel free to suggest some

Topics we're definitely not interested in are price speculations or recommendations to buy a specific cryptocurrency (though warning people about which ones not to buy is fine), etc.


  • punctuality and regularity of writing and fixing mistakes in articles
  • research of new concepts, ideas, news
  • confirming sources, finding new ones
  • interacting with readership (comments, social media)
  • occasional reading of other people's submitted drafts and giving constructive feedback (peer review process)

Bonus points

  • if you're an experienced writer
  • if you're fluent not only in the language you're writing in, but also some of the secondary languages on the site
  • familiarity with MarkDown and basic familiarity with Github. Instructions available here.



Editors are responsible for verifying the content produced by authors. Accuracy of information and proper formatting of MarkDown content are both responsibilities of a good editor. The editors need to keep the final presentation of the content to its readers in mind at all times.

Editors must be fluent in at least one of the languages supported on the portal in order to be able to make accurate edits, and they need to be intimately familiar with MarkDown formatting.


An editor must have written at least 10 original articles on as an author before applying to be an editor. They also need to have proven themselves as an active peer reviewer in the Bitfalls content repository.


  • correcting typos and grammar in drafts and live posts
  • meeting the traffic quotas
  • writing and sending the Bitfalls newsletter to subscribers twice a month
  • finding new authors and correspondents
  • adding images into the site's CDN for use in articles
  • filtering topic queries and suggestions
  • analyzing the public's interest and recommending new topics or categories
  • writing at least five original posts per month
  • coming into the Bitfalls office occasionally (will be requested far in advance if situated far from HQ)
  • attending blockchain conferences (sometimes paid by the company) and reporting back about those, as well as promoting the Bitfalls brand and recruiting new authors at such events

Bonus Points

It's desirable for an editor to have experience in journalism, writing, and/or management. They need to be able to manage a group of people and delegate and distribute work. They also need to be able to oversee the authors' work and intervene when necessary. Additional bonus points if the editor is at least somewhat technical and able to understand and judge the quality of technical tutorials.

Growth and Outreach Specialist


A GOS will extend the reach of our content.


  • promotion of the company's projects and articles on social networks in the name of those projects or the company itself (e.g. Coinvendor Twitter account, Bitfalls Twitter account)
  • contacting influencers, other crypto magazines or crypto projects about possible collaboration and/or partnership
  • Search engine optimization
  • finding advertisers locally and globally
  • promote how ever you see fit, within reason (no spam, no paid traffic, etc.)
  • writing detailed reports on traffic, successes, failures, and suggestions about optimizing approaches and growth issues if identified

Bonus Points

  • if you're familiar with Google Analytics
  • if you're familiar with Google Search Console
  • if you have experience doing SEO/growth
  • if you have a high quality or high exposure public profile

Solidity Developer

We're conquering the Solidity programming market through both education and production. Given that the language is so young, we're not expecting veterans to apply and we're prepared to train people, but ambition is the primary prerequisite.


  • writing Solidity tutorials
  • writing Solidity courses and code for them
  • optional teaching or consulting
  • occasional full time programming in Solidity, writing technical specification, documentation, etc. both for in-house projects and external ones.

Python + JavaScript Support Specialist

We're looking for an additional team member for an external project on which the company is working:

It's a machine learning / AI / visual crawling processor. Diffbot is an API to which URLs (sometimes in the tens of thousands) are sent, and it returns well formatted JSON on what if found in those URLs, visually. It does not depend on HTML/DOM parsing, but is entirely visual. This helps avoid captchas, supports multiple languages implicitly, etc. โ€“ the service is ideal for tracking mentions on social media, measuring your competition, and more.

The position has room for advancement in the form of leading a support team later on.


  • solving support tickets made by developers and clients using Diffbot's API
  • programming solutions and helping clients overcome problems, through both the customer facing UI and the developer facing interface for advanced controls
  • adding training data into the system for long term precision gains
  • writing blog posts which inform clients and developers about new capabilities of the API, usage examples, etc.
  • upgrading the interfaces (Python) for both clients and developers
  • upgrading Custom APIs the clients have built with special injections of JavaScript code into the pages that are being processed
  • suggesting new ideas for upgrading the service, speeding up ticket processing, solving problems, etc.

What about the money?

The correspondent/author position is a freelance position. The payment will vary and will depend on quality of writing, frequency of writing, mistakes that need to be corrected by the editor, etc. The price is arranged in advance before the writing starts, after the topic is pitched. Typically, payments for posts will range from $10 for the simplest writeups to $200 for the most complex guides and tutorials, plus 25% โ€“ 50% for each translations to a supported language, provided the translation is well written.

The starting salary for the editor and GOS position will be low during the initial 3 month trial period after which we'll go into more detail and better conditions, depending on results from the first 3 months. Bonuses paid out in Ether are highly likely, also depending on results (popular content, significant collaborations, etc.)

Salary for Solidity developer and Support Specialist position will be agreed on after a short trial run. They'll vary depending on experience, expectations, performance during the trial period, etc.

If any of the above positions is of interest to you, write to us. If a position you're qualified for or interested in isn't listed, feel free to send us a general inquiry if you think your skillset can help us.

Please attach a letter of interest, any recommendations you may have, and an example of previous work.

After applying, we'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible with further instructions.